Wadda Plantation - Introduction



Committed to Producing Highest Quality Fresh Bananas using Sustainable Systems

Wadda Plantation is among the largest banana plantations in Australia. It is set in tropical North Queensland, in a bend of the North Johnstone River just an hour's drive south of Cairns.

From our earliest days, we have had a commitment to the environment and sustainable banana production. We quickly adopted better techniques such as integrated pest management as they become available. Every year, we put resources into protecting and enhancing the native vegetation on the property. We are also proud of our riparian vegetation re-establishment program.

Wadda Plantation has strong commitment to producing bananas of the highest quality. We have a formal and documented food safety system, based on the procedures in the internationally recognised HACCP system. Throughout the seasons, we maintain an unwavering commitment to our quality standard, so that we can assure our customers they are always receiving safe, quality food of the highest standard.


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