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Revegetation along the drainage line

we also redeveloped the drainage line below the silt trap. Weed was removed and native trees replanted to provide shade on the water.

Wadda trials a design for a silt trap...

We recently completed work on a silt trap along a watercourse. It was designed to slow the flow of a roadside drain, and to enhance silt settlement by increasing the residence time of the water during medium flows, and early in rainfall events.

The subcatchment is about 25 acres in size. We focus on retaining soil where it belongs by carefull management of the plantation floor and the use of grasses in the interrow.

We will be monitoring the performance of the trap, and the suitability of the design for other locations on the farm.

We appreciate the support of Terrain, (previously known as FNQNRM), our regional natural resources body, which assisted with funding under a small grants scheme. At their website, there is information on grants for natural resources projects.

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