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About bananas and their unique life cycles

Groups of guests arriving at the Wadda Banana Plantation Teahouse will be greeted with a glass of fruit juice and receive a brief history of Wadda Plantation along with an introductory explanation of how bananas are grown in Australia. Guests also have the opportunity to take a short-guided tour through the historical tea growing section of the plantation adjacent to the Teahouse.

As you travel out into the plantation to get a close up view of the banana's way of life, you will learn that the banana plant is in the ginger family, and that each banana "tree" produces only one bunch. To know how the plantation grows from year to year, for up to ten years in a row, you will have to visit us, and immerse yourself for a day.

Wadda Plantation has a proud history of environmentally conscious banana production. Tour guides will describe aspects of banana nutrition and soil health and environmental farming practices that Wadda Plantation implements.

Guests visit the headquarters of the computerized irrigation and fertilizer system on the Johnstone River, stopping along the way back to the processing factory to see the North Johnstone River and the World Heritage rainforest just across the river.

Guests spend the latter part of their visit in the banana-processing factory learning the details of how the fruit is processed to meet customer’s requirements. If you are intrigued to know how bananas get that bend, you may be able to persuade us to tell you at this point.

The guests will be driven back to the Teahouse where they will be served banana smoothie and muffins with chocolate and bananas.

Come along and learn about the world's (and probably your) most favourite fruit!

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